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"ALCANCE" means ZPI's ultimate goal for the best fishing experience.

We are pursuing "KAITEKI" - comfortable & effortless fishing.


- EZ OFFSET hook and ALCANCE RG-C reel will be released in the end of September 2019!

- New ALCANCE Reel was released in March 2019, ALCANCE Rod and AIR-EPIC polarized glass were released in May 2019!

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SINCE 2004

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As we announced early 2019, we transformed our business and ended producing custom parts excluding bearings and oils. Now we focus on developing our original fishing reels and rods (Alcance series), polarized glasses (AIR EPIC), hooks (EZ OFFSET), bearings and tuning oils.

Our tuning items excluding bearings and F-zero were discontinued and out of stock.
We ended customer support for knobs, handles, spools, drags and accessories on June 30, 2020.

If you want to buy our products, please see our partner shop list. Currently we sell our products only to our partner dealers.